Used 20ft Reefer Container

Used 20ft Reefer Container

The 20ft reefer container has ideal size that can be used for all kind of purposes. A 20ft used reefer container can be used for export, mobile or static storage or on your next event. This reefer container is often available with various types of machineries on our depots.

Transport services
Our clients can collect their equipment in different ways from our depots. Customers can choose to pick up their containers by truck. As we have our own water connection on our depots, it is also possible to pick up equipment via barge. Reefer Sales Europe can also arrange your transport by truck, ship or train. Due to a long term relationship with suppliers, we are able to offer great service and most important a competitive price.

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External dimensions Internal dimensions Doorway Machinery specifications
Length 6058 mm Length 5451 mm Width 2286 Machinery type Carrier & Thermoking
Width 2438 mm Width 2290 mm Height 2260 Unit status PTI OK / Plug in ready
Height 2591 mm Height 2291 mm     Temp. range - 25c / + 25c
    Floor surface 12,1 m²     Power 380V, 32 amp, 50/60hz
    Capacity 28.3 m³        


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